Label leader lines on pie charts

I am using Elastic 7.14 and I am trying to create a pie chart which also shows lines from the pie chart to the percentage values. If one slice of the pie is large enough, it is okay to display the value, but if not then I would like som lines/arrows which points to the slice with the corresponding value %. Is there any way I can enable this?

We do not currently have this option. This issue is tracking the enhancement - [Pie][Lens] Allow the labels to be displayed only outside the chart · Issue #111673 · elastic/kibana · GitHub ...i've linked them up

Make sure to have selected the right configuration for the Pie chart legend panel: it should be set to Inside or outside

It works only for one level (Pie chart), not for multiple levels (like Sunburst).

Okay. As you can see on the image the label position has been set to "inside or outside". It seems like sometimes it shows the leader lines and sometimes it doesn't?

I see you are using the Aggregation based visualization editor.
My screenshots are taken from the Lens editor.

I have also tried in the Lens editor. Same story :slight_smile:

Can confirm there's something wrong when the small slices are in the first top right quadrant:

Will create an issue for both Lens and the Aggregation based editor for this: [Lens][Visualize] In Pie charts outside labels are not shown for small slices when they are in the top-right area · Issue #114505 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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