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first, not sure if this is the right place, but i couldnt find a better one :wink:

It looks like you build a loop in webpage concerning language detection. I am not using english as preferred language in my browser, to start with. Now calling redirects me to the version of my preferred language, in my case german. When using the language selection at the top i can switch to e.g. spanish, as it has a dedicated path ( When i select english i will be directed to the main page (seems there is no dedicated path), but this way i will stumble across language detection again. So in the end there is no way to get the english version (what is really sad, as e.g. the english blog is really worth reading) unless i change the settings of my webbrowser.


Thanks for reporting.
This has been reported internally and the web team is working on a fix.

Same issue with other languages (french for me).

Awesome, thanks for taking care!

Thanks for looking into this. I'm still getting this issue on the main elastic site - specifically the /blog site this morning - can't change from FR to EN no matter how many times I try. (I live in Paris at the moment).

I was also looking for a place to post this issue - not too sure if this is the right place? Maybe the team should open up a general forum for all website related things too?

This is the best place for this sort of thing :slight_smile:

I will ping the webteam to see if we can get an update on things.

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