Language settings not working on website

As the last discussion on this has been closed due to inactivity (it seems a little over-zealous at times...), I'd like to remind the team that this still isn't fixed.

( Language detection on )

Specifically, I can't read the release blog post of 7.2.0 because I currently live in France and the site refuses to change from French to English, even when I manually change the setting in that dropdown at the bottom of the page.

I realized finally that the settings in my Chrome user account had French above English in its order of importance - hence the Accept-Language header was sending "fr,en" instead of "en,fr", which I changed and now - and now I'm able to actually change the language to English without issue.

BUT - manually changing the setting on the page actually does nothing if the site still only looks at your accept-language header anyway. Before changing my user settings, there was no way for me to read the blog in English.

I have the same problem, but in my case from germany. On my Laptop i use a Firefox plugin to send different language headers when visiting But that is only an ugly workarround and i haven't found something similar for other browsers or mobile devices.

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