Last 15 to 30 minutes logs were not displaying in Kibana

When i am searching for the log results in Kibana i am getting results being taken into UTC timelines instead of BST
which is causing problems to change the timings manually in relative to search for results.
Eg., Search for the results in time frame last 15 mins -> Current BST time is 12:00 but in Kibana its been present as 11:00 so the logs are not getting displayed.
This could be observed by “set to now” option in Relative.

i am shipping logs using python.ini file to logstash to elastic search and visualize in Kibana

Could you please advise me what causing this .


We could try something to fix this. Kibana can adjust the timezone in use for the timestamp fields.

Follow these steps in order to change the timezone Kibana uses:

  1. Go to Management .
  2. Open the Advanced Settings tab.
  3. On the search bar, type timezone .
  4. Click on the Edit button and select the correct timezone (in this case, the timezone -BST).

Hope this works...give it a try.


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