Launch Elasticsearch - really an error?

Hello -

I am getting 401 error while launching elasticsearch as below from my ECE deployment. I am able to add/view indices onto this elasticsearch from my local instance using curl. Is this really an error or what should really happen after clicking on this Launch button?

Honestly I've no idea why we have that launch button! Launching a tab with an unauthenticated / request directly to the ES server indeed doesn't make much sense, though given it does exist the behavior you observed is intended :slight_smile:

To get the URL to use in clients etc, just click the Copy Endpoint URL button to its right

To access the Elasticearch UI (ie Kibana) there is a "Launch" link at the top level or under the Kibana sub-heading


Thank you. Hope Elastic removes that option in future release. Yes, I am able to launch and use Kibana and access ElasticSearch using the URL.

I was having another issue in configuring Filebeat using and cloud.auth, and was curious whether this 'Launch' issue might be related to that one.

I have posted my original Filebeat issue under Beats section with no luck yet. If possible, can you take a look at that one also.

Thank you.

Yep I created an issue to remove it, thanks for pointing out! I'll go have a look at the issue

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