Launching a multi-file logstash config

I have a multi-file configuration however when launching it I with -f I get different outputs from:

  • bin/logstash -f PATH_TO_CONFIG_DIR/
  • bin/logstash -f PATH_TO_CONFIG_DIR/*.conf

I was under the impression these should give the same output as long as the destination directory only contains .conf files. However, my trials say otherwise >> The 4th run with .conf doesn't test the configuration:


  • ...-logstash/conf/ does only contain .conf files
  • and the ...-logstash/conf/ directory is inside .../logstash-2.3.3/bin/


So you'd like to know why the 4th one does not have the same output tha the other commands?


I'll only be able to suppose why but I think it's due to the -w flag. Specifying the number of workers might induce the launching of Logstash

Adding or removing the -w 1 for a single work does nothing to change the behavior:

This GitHub issue implies that either way should work: