Lazy load dashboard or load the widgets in dashboard on demand

I have a dashboard with 20+ visualizations and it takes some time to load all the widgets.
So is there a way to avoid loading all the widgets upfront but rather load the widgets on demand from a pool of available widgets.
Is there a way to lazy load the widgets such that the top 3 loads first and the rest later?

This is so that our customers don't wait for a long time to view the dashboard.

What version of kibana are you using? Do you use the custom widgets or only Kibana built-in visualizations? Unfortunately right now there's no control over how you load it, but there are some improvements in the newest versions.

We use Kibana version 7.16.3. We have a dashboard which has both Vega visuals and Kibana built-in widgets. Can you please point me to the documentation where these improvements are described?

By improvements I meant continuous efforts towards limiting bundle sizing, caching ES requests, both in separate visualizations and in the dashboard, some changes of architecture etc. It's hard to pinpoint a single issue describing it, one of them would be here.

I see that you're on one of the newest version so the slowness probably won't improve much if you upgrade.

According to this issue lazy load should already work though in Dashboard, but it tries rendering everything in the window view. I am afraid the better solution doesn't exist at this point.

Ok got it. thank you for your response !!

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