Lazy optimization takes >100s


I just tried to give writing kibana plugins a try.

AFter every change I have to wait > 100s for the optimization finishes.

I'm running it on my local laptop (~2y.o, 2,7GHZ core, 16BG RAM, SSD), using Windows (the setup was time consuming and may be the problem. I might just use a linux VM...)

The plugin itself is the one Tim Roes writes in his "Writing Kibana 4 Plugins" blog post.

Is there any way to make it faster?

You can try adding a file under the /config directory. Add this to your file:

   sourceMaps: '#cheap-source-map' # options ->
   unsafeCache: true
   lazyPrebuild: false

Thanks for the response.

I just tried it real quick. It seems to be working much better now. I will report back in 1-2 days to confirm it once I had time to test it thoroughly.


Yeah 100s is extraordinary (even when optimizations are not enabled). Are you seeing excessive CPU usage before optimization starts?