Slow to Get Feedback During Kibana Development

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I'm new to this community and excited to join. I'm trying to get acquainted with the Kibana code-base so that I can contribute. When I make a change, for example to a view's HTML, I am refreshing the app on the browser to see the change. I understand that writing a browser automation test would be a quicker way to get feedback, but I'd prefer to play around with the browser initially and explore. When I refresh the browser tab, it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute to load Kibana and I see in the server console that it is running Lazy Optimization.

optmzr    log   [01:25:06.579] [info][optimize] Lazy optimization success in 52.24 seconds

Is this what is slowing down the refreshing of the app in my browser? If so, what is this doing and do I need it for local development? If not, how do I turn it off?



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I agree, it is slow and we are working to drastically improve this.

In the meantime, there are some things you can do to speed up the process which is documented here.

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Thanks for clarifying. I've tried to use those instructions but no improvement. Do others also see the "Lazy Optimization" log line occur when they refresh the browser running local Kibana?

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I do but only when the client code has been modified (during plugin development for example). But after the initial optimization, things are a lot quicker if you don't make any more changes.

I assume during a deployment to real servers the first person to hit Kibana takes the brunt of the wait (one of the deployers should probably hit it). After that it's smooth sailing for everyone else.

BTW my longest rebuilds are around 20 seconds if I'm starting fresh. Most rebuilds are under 10 seconds.
Running everything a powerful macbook pro.

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