LDAP Elasticserch without license

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Configure an Elasticsearch Cluster with a basic license.
However, I would like to authenticate via LDAP. Is doing this setup with the basic license possible? It would also accept login via SSO.

If this is not possible, we have JIRA connected to LDAP and, knowing that there is a JIRA Crowd that, if elastic connects to it, jira connects to LDAP.

This is not possible.

With the basic license the only authentication methods possible is using the native realm or the file based authentication, anything else needs a paid license.

For LDAP, SSO, OpenID etc you need a paid license.

You can check the features available by license type in this page.

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Thanks for the answer.

What would this native realm authentication and file-based authentication be?

is different from local authentication, which would be:

login: elastic
password: any

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