Ldap session expired very quick

Hi all,
I have been trying the ldap authentication feature on elastic, and have successfully config for it to work on elastic, now everytime i tried to authenticate with ldap on kibana it took like 5 to 10 min for me to loged out of my kibana.
Are there any way to increase this session timeout to similar to the one on the native authen realm.

Thanks you all for your time.

do you have xpack.security.sessionTimeout set in your kibana.yml? Also, what do you have set for xpack.security.authc.providers or xpack.security.authProviders ?Do you happen to have multiple "tabs" open for Kibana in the same browser?

more discussed here : SESSION_EXPIRED while login kibana in similar threads


Yes i have that config already but it still happened.

I was somehow able to fix the problems by increase the ldap connection timeout in the elastic config

tcp.ldap_search: 30s

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