Session expires very fast

Ever since I upgraded to version 7.X, my session will expire even though I'm working in Kibana. It could happen anytime for seemingly no reason. Is there some timeout config that is causing this?

What version are you using?

Check the documentation for session. It's different between versions of 7.x so make sure you pick the right version of documentation. You can set it but if you didn't then I am assuming it's default still.

Also specific versions count as a timeout for multiple tabs open. It doesn't calculate per tab. I'd have to look up to see what update changed that.

I'm currently using 7.9.2

Are you opening multiple tabs?

Do you have the below settings in kibana.yml set to anything? and

I am using multiple tabs (usually 2 - 3).

No, neither one of those is set.

I'll try to find if they did change it.

But before any tab starts a new session. So if tab 2 is not active for 15 minutes it will shutdown the sessions for tab 1.

And just to be sure: This isn't Elastic Cloud but a self hosted cluster, right?

Especially with the new SSO feature from the Cloud UI to Kibana I would expect different session timeouts. (Might not apply to you but others might run into similar issues and end up here :sweat_smile:)

Correct, this is a standalone cluster, not the Cloud.

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