Avoiding session timeout


we are running in some issues and we dont know why.

Kibana 7.3
Kibana session timeout 60 minutes

When we running a dashboard from the default space and refresh this dashboard every 15 minutes, we dont run into a session timeout.
But when we running a dashboard with the same user from another space and refresh this dashboard every 15 minutes, we run into a session timeout.

Why is this happening ?

How can we avoid a session timeout with dashboard which are not in the default space ?

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@treknado, do you have xpack.security.sessionTimeout set in your kibana.yml? Also, what do you have set for xpack.security.authc.providers or xpack.security.authProviders?

xpack.security.sessionTimeout: 3600000 ( 60 minutes )

xpack.security.authProviders: [saml,basic]
server.xsrf.whitelist: [/api/security/v1/saml]

in both cases, i used basic auth via "/login" in URL with the same user.

@treknado The space that a dashboard is in shouldn't be affecting the session timeout behavior.

Do you happen to have multiple "tabs" open for Kibana in the same browser?

i have multiple "tabs" open on my Pi, yes. But only 1 Tab is Kibana. I change the tabs via "tabs resolver".

Could it be possible that the refresh of the dashboard is not working in the background ?

@treknado, it's certainly possible. What types of visualizations are in the Dashboard which is unexpectedly timing out?

all are type = TSVB
tried out another dashboard with timelion, working fine

Hey @treknado, there are currently a sub-set of XHR requests that are executed by Kibana which don't extend the session timeouts because they're using a "non-standard" approach. TSVB happens to be one of these. https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/39477 will fix this issue, but the earliest this fix will be available is in 7.6.

It's an incredibly ugly hack, but if you add a non-TSVB Visualization to the dashboard, that should keep the dashboard from expiring your session prematurely.

Thank you so much!
Adding a non-TSVB Visualization is a good workaround for us, until 7.6 is released.

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