Per user Kibana Session Timeout setting

We use Kibana with SAML (OKTA) and have setup a default timeout of 30 min if not accessed. for everyone using Xpack settings. Some users want to have dashboards open on for several hours on giant monitors and we want to give a different timeout for those users? Do we have this feature. supported? We are using 7.4.2.

If we don't have support the for Per user Kibana Session Timeout setting, is the other option to setup separate Kibana for those users and have a longer Session TImeouts for that Kibana?


Bumping it up. I am sure someone has encountered this and knows the answer

Hi @vsubrama,

It's not possible to use different timeout settings for different users.

Setting up two completely separate Kibana instances is definitely an option, just use a different kibana.index setting for the second instance and you can run them in the same cluster.

However, it might be simpler than that - there is the "Auto refresh" feature in Kibana dashboards which reloads all visualizations periodically (part of the time picker in the top right). When you are configuring a refresh interval < 30m there, the giant monitor dashboard users shouldn't run into the timeout, because he is constantly "accessing".

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