Legend label is incomplete in pie chart

The country name "Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" is displayed as "Hashemite Kingdom..." in the legend of Pie Chart. Is there a way to display it in complete length other than cutting off? See the attached screenshot.

I use Kibana 5.1.1.

@chris2016 we don't currently have the option to resize the legends. It's possible to change the position of the legend to the top/bottom which will potentially display the information that you're looking for:

If this isn't what you're looking for, we accept feature requests via GitHub

Hi Brandon,

 Thanks for your response.

 The countries  are ordered by visit count. If the legend is placed at bottom or top, then the order for countries is not obvious since countries are placed into one line. 

I will raise a request for adding the feature on Kibana github site.


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