Legend of a map


Just a question :
For the moment it's impossible to change the label in the legend of a map. Do you know if this feature is expected or not? t would be very useful because sometimes the legend is not very meaningful ....


The legend label uses the field name. You can set a custom field name for the field that will get displayed in the legend.

To set a custom field label, go to left nav Stack Management -> Data views. Open your data view and edit the field.


The problem is that I don't to replace the label of the field himself but the label of the items within the field like the 17, 12, 22, 23 ... in my example by Cat1 bla bla bla, cat2 bla bla bla ...


In the same screen, you can "Set format". Use "Static lookup" to provide a value for each key.

Thx so much! and sorry for my ignorance

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