Customize legend

Hey there,

is it possible to change the values in legend?

My visualization looks like:

Records are grouped by date and layout of them (in each day) is by ID - because I need to show order at which occurs.

Visualization shows everything as I need, but the legend for the graph is not telling much for the user. Is it possible to change the values in legend, such that there won't be only its ID but also some other parameter assigned to record with that ID? Sth like:

  • 35349 - record type XY
  • 35350 - record type XX
  • 35351 - record type XX

Thanks for an answer.


Hi Jozef,

that's unfortunately currently not possible. The only way you could achieve that is by writing a custom field formatter that would output whatever information you need for that value.

Is that information also stored within the same documents? In that case, why don't you just use this additional information fields in your terms aggregation to group by instead of the id field?


Hi @timroes,

thanks for an asnwer.

Only reason, why I'm using the ID is, that I need to show order by which the 'events' occurs in a visualization and it's only parameter I can use for this purpose.

Yes, the information (state type) is also stored in the same document. What do you mean by additional information?

Thank you.


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