Licence renewal

I am trying to install a new licence which i have downloaded for my 6.0.1 installation.
but I get the following error when typing it into kibana

"error": {
"root_cause": [
"type": "exception",
"reason": "Unknown license version found, please upgrade all nodes to the latest elasticsearch-license plugin"
"type": "exception",
"reason": "Unknown license version found, please upgrade all nodes to the latest elasticsearch-license plugin"
"status": 500

Hi @Tim_James - This error usually indicates that the downloaded license does not match your Elasticsearch version. Have you downloaded the right license version? When you download the license from the support portal, you should have the choice between different versions of the license. Make sure to choose the one for 6.x.

If you are still having difficulties, the best would be to contact our support team.

Thanks, how do I register on the support site, the link only offers login or forgottten password?

@Tim_James - you initially mentioned that you are trying to install a new license that you downloaded. The license is only available for download via the support portal. Therefore, you should already know the credentials.

Let me know if I am misunderstood something here.

Hi Romain,

The page i went to to download the licence was I had to type in my details but only Name, Email, Company and Country, there is no option to set a password or create an account. I did try typing this email address into the Forgot password screen in the support page in case an account had been automatically created in the background but that didn't work


Thanks for the clarifications @Tim_James. The license you downloaded is a free one year Basic license (when using Elastic Stack version 6.2 or older).

I assumed that you were using a gold/platinum license that comes with a purchased subscription (which would entitles you to access the support portal as well) .

Could you go back to the email that you received where you can download the licenses? You should be able to select/download licenses for Elasticsearch 5.x/6.x.

I didn't get an email, it just took to a webpage to download it. ( I won't share the specific url) but see the attachment

@Tim_James I am actually surprised you did not receive any emails. I just tried in my environment. When you access the registration page, this is the form you should see (c.f below) with a Send button:

Once you click on the Send button, you should see the following:

You should have received an email from

From there, you can click on the download URL and get the license for Elasticsearch 5.x / 6.x (this would be the same page as the one you screenshot in your previous comment).

I am not quite sure how you managed to get the direct URL to download the license without the email...

Could you try to register again in the registration page and check your email? The email may have landed in your spam / junk folder.

On a side note (unrelated to this problem), you may want to consider upgrading your Elasticsearch to a higher version:

  • In Elastic Stack version 6.3 or newer, Basic (free) tier features are included in the default distributions of the Elastic Stack. No license registration required.
  • Elasticsearch 6.0.x reached End Of Life (EOL) since May 2019.

Let us know how things go.


I managed to get an email back and downloaded the licence again.

I have managed to install the licence now. Thanks for your help.

I still don't understand how I would logon to the support site as the Register screen does not ask you to set a password ?

@Tim_James You're welcome :slightly_smiling_face: The registration page is only used to download a basic license for ES version 6.2 and below. This does not entitile you with an access to the support portal. If you purchase one of our subscriptions (i.e Gold, Platinum), then you would have access to the support portal. The licenses for these subscriptions are only available via our support portal.

I hope that clarifies any doubts.

That makes sense, thanks for the explanation

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