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Hi Team,

Could you please help me to understand the licensing part of Elasticsearch.
Because I had installed Elasticsearch from below link and now while using Kibana dashboard today it is showing License related error. Could you please help me where we can get Community Edition of Elasticsearch and use for our POC . Currently I am using 8.x version of ELK stack.

{"statusCode":503,"error":"Service Unavailable","message":"License is not available."}


Use the same version for Kibana as you have for elastic.

Which version of Elastic & Kibana do you need?

You can try to download it from here

Have you been in the trial mode?
Check ES status with curl and is there red (system) status.

The installation package is the same, you can use the basic(free) or the commercial license.

Hi @HiteshSingh and @Rios ,

I am using both Kibana and Elasticsearch 8.9.x version. As per below link it is should be basic by default, if we do not mention anything in elasticsearch.yml file. Then why this error getting appeared while accessing URL. Is there any settings to be added to use it as free .


Nope. There's nothing to set. The Basic license is activated by default.
Could you tell exactly how you installed Elasticsearch and Kibana?

Did you follow the installation guide for both?
Are you running with docker (docker compose)?

HI @dadoonet ,

Thanks for your reply. I had followed the below link for elastic (8.9.x) official page for both elastic and Kibana and it is a not a docker deployment.


Hi @Rios ,

Thanks for your response. Could you please let me know how to distinguish basic(free) or the commercial license since the installation package is same. What are the limitations if we go for basic(free) license.


Check this or use API

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