Elastic Enterprise Edition License

Hello Dears,

I installed and used elastic enterprise search with kibana. But today when i access to kibana server it displays {"statusCode":503,"error":"Service Unavailable","message":"License is not available."}. I thought if i installed elastic enterprise search on premise it's free. What should i do now?

Yes, Enterprise search is included in basic. There are premium features.

Don't confuse Enterprise search with an Enterprise license. Unfortunate naming but two different things.

Enterprise Search for example.

An enterprise license is a commercial license a paid for subscription. See here

That error message you're getting is often a generic error message when kibana has trouble connecting with Elasticsearch.

I'm not saying it's not some sort of license issue but The license check is the first thing it does and so if there's a connectivity issue you often get the license error message.

Can you curl elasticsearch from the command line?


Which elasticsearch did you install?

Hello @dadoonet i found error reason, It was memory leak. Then i increased memory and restart system it's running.

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