Licence to include Filebeat in our commercial product?


I would like to know the details regarding usage of file beat in our commercial product.
We have a piece of software which we sell to our clients. To be clear, we only run the software on client hardware. We don't offer a SaaS model.

We want to use Filebeat and ELK stack as part of our product. We are not showcasing ELK and File beat as our products. Our product won't resell them. We want to use these products as part of our commercial software with due information that we are using these products.

So, Can we do this ? Can we use these product in our commercial software and run them on client hardware in client premises ?

Hi @Vijay_Daggumati thanks for reaching out.

Please contact (Corrected)

And describe your use case and they can help you with your question.

Hi @stephenb thanks for the reply.
It seems that email id is broken.
My email got bounced.

Apologies let me check...

Hi @Vijay_Daggumati

The correct email is

Apologies for the confusion. Please reach out and they will be happy to clarify the options.

Hi @stephenb

I mailed my question to the provided email. It's been 3 days. I did not get any reply from them. Can you please help me in sorting this out ?

Hi @Vijay_Daggumati

Please be patient, that team is very busy we are routing the email to the correct person / team, someone should respond shortly next day or so.

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