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We recently purchased a 3 node Premium license for our work environment. I'm planning on running the newest 8.x stack, however when attempting to update the license, only up to 7.x is available to be downloaded/used from the license portal. If I try to upload/import the 7.x license I'm greeted with an error.

How do I apply the license for the newest stack(8.x>)?
Are we not licensed for versions beyond 7.x?

Thank You

Hi @mv_guy

Welcome to the community and thanks for becoming an official elastic customer.

8.0 is not an official release and will not be for some time.

Official commercial licenses for elastic products do not apply to SNAPSHOT / non official release builds.

In addition you would also not be eligible for support for a snapshot or non-release build.

When the official build of 8.0 is released your current license will work on that.

In the meantime to apply your license and get commercial features and commercial support you will need to use one of our latest official releases such as 7.9.1.

8.0 snapshot should have the ability to run a trial license for 30 days if you would like to do that.

I hope that makes sense.

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