License upgrade failed on windows

I get the following message, when I go to install the update on windows7:

"acknowledged": false,
"license_status": "valid",
"acknowledge": {
"message": """This license update requires acknowledgement. To acknowledge the license, please read the following messages and update the license again, this time with the "acknowledge=true" parameter:""",
"watcher": [
"Watcher will be disabled"
"logstash": [
"Logstash specific APIs will be disabled, but you can continue to manage and poll stored configurations"
"security": [
"The following X-Pack security functionality will be disabled: authentication, authorization, ip filtering, and auditing. Please restart your node after applying the license.",
"Field and document level access control will be disabled.",
"Custom realms will be ignored."
"monitoring": [
Multi-cluster support is disabled for clusters with [BASIC] license. If you are
running multiple clusters, users won't be able to access the clusters with
[BASIC] licenses from within a single X-Pack Kibana instance. You will have to deploy a
separate and dedicated X-pack Kibana instance for each [BASIC] cluster you wish to monitor.
"Automatic index cleanup is locked to 7 days for clusters with [BASIC] license."
"graph": [
"Graph will be disabled"
"ml": [
"Machine learning will be disabled"

I used the kibana console to update the license:

PUT _xpack/license
//content of the licence.json file

How can I solve from kibana console?


Are you trying to install basic license? - If so - you need to acknowledge that you are downgrading your license. If you can run this - from your terminal - it should work.

curl -XPUT -u elastic ’http://localhost:9200/_xpack/license?acknowledge=true' -H ‘content-type: application/json’ -d @basic.json


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