Lifecycle Policies

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Can someone help to to understand what is lifecycle policies and how i enable a right life cycle police for 30 days for all my indexes?

I see many times that the Index Management informs me that some indexes have error on the lifecycle policy so i select them and i remove the policy of them.

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you need to create an index lifecycle policy and then assign it to all your indices and also mention it index templates if you are using those or configure the ILM policy on index creation.

Is there any special requirement? What do you mean with enabling a policy for 30 days? Should indices be deleted then or frozen? What do you want to do after 30 days?


Thank you very much for your answer.

I would like a policy only to keep all the indices for 30 days. All the old indices i would like to be deleted in order not to do it manually every month from index management.

you could set up a policy deleting your indices after 30 days and apply it to all indices.

Start with sample policy mentioned in the getting started docs, modify it and go from there.


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