Limint the threads by Shards and CPU

Hi Team,

I am working in a small environment with just 4 core server for each node. Is there a way I can configure Kibana to serialize the requests between Kibana and elasticsearch? I have noticed that if my dashboards has many objects, elastic's CPU consumption is quite high. It seems to me that Kibana is creating 1 thread per query.



The scale of the Elasticsearch cluster determines the scale of the dashboards that Kibana can render. Since you have dashboards with a lot of objects, the options are:

  • add more nodes to the Elasticsearch cluster
  • divide the dashboard objects into separate, smaller dashboards
  • use smaller time ranges in the dashboard time picker

Also, having high CPU utilization doesn't necessarily indicate a problem, unless something is becoming unresponsive - but you haven't mentioned that is happening.

Thank you @tsullivan!

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