Limit access to dashboard

How can I limit a roles ability to access certain dashboards? Is it possible to let a role only see certain dashboards?

Not at this point, it's something we're working on!

Isn't it an use case, where the document level security could shine? set-security-user-processor

You'd then have to have a naming standard for all your dashboards etc to filter on accordingly.
It'd be pretty rough, and not what we're ideally aiming for.

I would rather say, it'd be not a workaround, but a solution for that limitation in the current implementation (since having a good naming schema is better, than seeing an overcrowded dashboard list).
But, it seems, that method is not gonna work either: Kibana framework has to use the pipeline parameter when ingesting data into its index. I have not found how to configure it to do that...

It would be nice to see this implemented. Right now we have limited our users permissions by using field level security but we would like them to be able to only access certain dashboards which to me it makes the most sense.

It's something we are working on :slight_smile:

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