Limit GitHub Connector to only index files

When configuring the Github connector the docs say that it should be possible to limit what is indexed. Is there a way to index only files ( ie not pull requests and issues ) ?

Hey @itsmed ! Long time!
Yes, you could filter for object_type and choose only Files to include.

I will suggest that you may be more interested in our newer set of connectors which are decoupled from Workplace Search and can more easily integrate with other Elasticsearch primitives. Additionally, the github connector supports Advanced Sync Rules which lets you refine the data that is requested from Github, which is a significant performance improvement over Workplace Search's indexing rules (which only apply after data is fetched).

Hey @Sean_Story hope all is well! I've taken a look at the new connectors, and those look even sweeter! So I have my connectors/config.yml with this bit:

  connector_id: "keep-it-secret-just-in-case"
  service_type: "github"
  api_key: "hunter1=="
  object_type: "Files"
  host: "https://elastic-cloud-url:443"
  api_key: "hunter2=="

but I'm still seeing PRs etc being indexed. Poking around I haven't been able to find an example, is there one you could point me to?

Ah - the object_type was relevant for the Workplace Search Indexing Rules, but doesn't apply to this Elastic Connector.

You'll want to look at:

Ah ok I'm sorted. Sorry for the LMGTFY question, but I appreciate the response all the same!

:smiley: it's what I'm here for! There are a lot of docs and lots of overlapping terms. Sometimes you need someone to just give you the right link.

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