Limit index memory

Don't know if this has already been asked, but I haven't been able to find either any question or documentation related to this issue.
The thing is that I would like to limit the size of all the indeces of my Elastic, and when the memory limit is reached, the new incoming info would overwrite the oldest.
I am a bit unsure if this could be possible, but any help on how to resolve this problem is very welcome.

What sort of data are you talking about here?

It is mainly data from the Apache Ranger audit. As sometimes (when a lot of users are logging in,...) the data stored here can grow a lot, I thought that the best way to deal with it was limiting this index (although there are more stored in my ES instance, it is not the only one), although I don't know if this could be done in ES.

Is that time based data?
If so use ILM.

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