Line chart: Vizualise duration of a single event


Hello everyone,

I'm new to kibana, I apologize if my question looks dumb.

I would like to know if it was possible to draw the span of a single event in a line graph?

The event has:

  • a "last_update_time" field that is constantly updated,
  • a "creation_time" that is, well, only set at the creation time,
  • a "state" field (that is numeric)

Thanks in advance,

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hi @pfox,

this might be possible with the Vega visualization in Kibana. I'm not familiar enough with the vega-language to show exactly how, but for that kind of chart should be possible using Vega markup. I'd start here, and then see how you can integrate it with here:


Hey @thomasneirynck,

Thank you very much for the quick answer. I'll look into the Vega visualisation documentation and see how it goes.

Thanks again.

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