Line graph dot size not working

I am currently working on creating a scatterplot (line graph without the line) showing how many accounts are open in each city, with the dot size respective to the average balance of the users in each city. I am using the y-axis option for dot size, but no matter how I fiddle with the options, there seems to be one dot that is always the default size (I have checked my data, and the average balance for that city should warrant a larger dot). Is this just a bug in Kibana or is there something I'm missing? Thanks!

Hey @ahazan98, which of the dots do you see being the wrong size? Also, if you could click the arrow lighted below and then click "Request" and include a screenshot, that could help us confirm that the sizes are incorrect:

Here's the Screenshot, the dot for Abiquiu is the incorrect size (it is the same size as any dot would be if there were no dot size aggregation when it should get a little bigger)

Hey @ahazan98 can you share a screenshot of the spy panel's request tab illustrated below as well?

Here is the request tab

And here is the response tab

@ahazan98, other users are seeing similar issues with their dots rendering the wrong place or the wrong size, we're tracking this bug here. Would you mind providing what you're seeing on that aforementioned ticket?

Yes of course! Thank you for your help!!

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