Linechart labelling is not proper

Hi All,

I am trying to build a monthly trend using line chart, data, line everything is proper, only problem is the labels for month, is showing multiple time.


Why am i getting the month as 4 times instead of one time.


What version of kibana are you running? What is advanced setting dateFormat set as? dateFormat specifies how dates are formatted. I suspect your dateFormat is configured to only display the month. Since each tick only displays the month, they all look the same, when really each tick is showing a different month/week.

@Nathan_Reese I'm using version 7.6.3. I have made the changes to show only month in the advanced, when i choose the interval as monthly in date histogram it is showing like this.

In general if we choose monthly, only one entry per month only has to show rite.


There is no way to currently control the number of axis ticks. You can open an issue at

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