Link level in a post

Thanks, Tyler, for increasing the link level from 2 to 5.

I'm afraid it still does not work, because the forum software does not count the referred Github issue as link, but expands it and counts the links in the issue.

After I try to post a new topic such as

----- snip----
To all of you who want to sneak at the features planned for ES 2.0, this issue collects some of it




I receive

"Sorry, new users can only put 5 links in a post."

Note, I have quoted the URL above to keep this forum software from expanding.



Keep in mind this is just a restriction on new users, it is already lifted on your account.

Its there to help with spam prevention, often spammers just sign up and dump a big pile of links ... also with issues:

This is kind of cool (if its on its own line)

And to reiterate my post from the Elasticsearch-User list, I've updated the user trust settings for the forum to ensure that new users can include links in their posts.

We may find ourselves dealing with more spam, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

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