Lockdown access to Kibana and ElasticSearch console but open access to reports/dashboards


I have an app built in React. The apps has buttons to invoke Kibana Reports when clicked.
The reports are visible and work fine when I open access to port 5601 for

But with this option, The user can log into the Kibana/elasticsearch console as well...

When I disable access to 5601 for all (i.e., the reports don''t show...

How do I fix this?

  • I want users not able to access Kibana/ES console... but I want them to be able to access all kibana reports that are embedded with the react app.


Hi @tenet_testuser1,

It sounds like placing a proxy in front of Kibana and having the proxy only allow access to the specific reporting endpoints that you're interested in would be the best solution.

Can I not use the "Security"/Roles etc features?

I was literally reading about this...

Any insights appreciated.

Kibana has the concept of feature controls where you can disable access to certain applications. If you wish to block entire access to Kibana, feature controls would still allow the users to sign in and access Kibana.

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