Log alerting: trigger alert when specific log string has not been logged on specific time

Hello everbody,

Hopefully somebody can help me out. For specific monitoring purposes i'm trying to achieve the following:

We curruntly running ELK v 7.13.2 in our environment. We have a specific application server in which we want to monitoring every morning if a connection to a DB has been esteblished. When the connection has been asteblished a log entry will be registered around 5:30 AM.
The server is configured to send out logs to Logstash using Filebeat.

In Elastic/Kibana I have configured the following rule:

Ideally I would like to set a fixed time to check if a specific log string has been registered around that given time (5:30), but that does not seem possible. We would like to be informed immediately after 5:30 AM if the log string ("Succesfull Connected...) does not occur.

Before I going to spend too much time on this I would like to know if this is possible at all. Thank you very much for your input.

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