Log clean up on logstash servers

Hi team,

Here I come up with some serious problem that we mainly facing on our daily devops task related to ELK stack.

Recent days few of our ELK machine's disk space level getting filled very often and every time cleaning the log files by manually.

To resolve this I have installed curator on elasticsearch machine and that works fine. But on logstash servers, I'm quite confused to clean up the logs, as I'm aware that there are few techniques to achieve it.

say example:

  1. use logrotate method to clean up/compress the logs based on size/age
  2. the startup script of logstash sends the logs to the startup.log file, that I could either make the process quiet or send the output to /dev/null instead (not implemented in real life, can anyone explain to me this please bit more?)
  3. any other best options to sort out this issue?

It would be great if anyone can explain to me the steps with some examples to understand easily.
Thanks in advance.

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