Log event correlation with timestamp

I have two log files and the transaction will cross two log files. The following are fields in the elasticsearch and there is no correlation field in these two Logs.

  • LogFile A: timestamp, customerID, result
  • LogFileB: timestamp, logLevel, message

Now my use case is in the LogFileA, we got the report than transaction for the customer C1 failed, then we need to find out why it fail and there is usually some root cause in the LogFileB. Because there is no correlation field, the only way we can use the timestamp. We can search by customerID and result to get the timestamp T1 in logFileA and find out all log message in the LogFileB with timerange [T1, T1+1minute]

But the kibana does not support drill down. Is anyway we can implement this kind of correlation in Kiabana?


It currently doesn't have this functionality. I know that logz.io have it in their KB setup, maybe you could convince them to give back to the community?

Otherwise I think there is a GH issue for this to be added, but I can't find it at the moment. EDIT - maybe https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/275