Logs only showing time in UTC, regardless of setting

Hi there,

Maybe I'm missing the setting, but my logs in the Observability window are always being shown in UTC, despite the fact that I'm saving these logs as MST. Where can I change this setting or determine how the date is displayed (would like it similar to how its displayed in Discover window, see pics below)

Log screen showing php.error.time in UTC

Discover tab showing same key value php.error.time but in MST and formatted better
Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 11.29.00 AM

Hi @doyelese,

the Logs UI doesn't interpret the field value but just displays it as it is. So you're seeing a ISO 8601 string because that's what Elasticsearch returns for the field. Customizable formatters for columns are in the backlog somewhere. :innocent:

In contrast, Discover uses the field formatter defined in the index pattern and therefore parses and re-formats the date for the configured locale and timezone.

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