Is there a REST API to retrieve all logs(hits) by specific search ? Is there any examples?
In elastic section i can not see that!!


The Scroll API in elasticsearch will allows you to do that if this is what you meant.

I mean from outside kibana. curl command or request from python..

That's what I meant as well.

So i will see "Scroll API in elasticsearch" and will update.

I would also recommend taking a look at the search_after parameter. It's a lightweight alternative to the _scroll API and is designed to ultimately replace it.


Using python infrastructure:
I am already familiar of putting data into logstash via python module " logstash_async". It works excellent. My need now as part of test process on several nodes ( machines) is to give an ability to users who decide to write system machine logs such as "dmesg" by "tail f" these files for a period of time and push the output into logstash. Is there a way to do that ?

Hi again @Dawood,

I'm not sure I correctly understand you last question. Could you try to rephrase it?

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