Logstash 1.5 plugin compatibility with "logstash/time_addon" class

(Barak Spoj) #1


I am trying to upgrade our logstash version and plugins to the new 1.5.2.
On a clean installation it works without problem, but when I'm trying to upgrade our custom plugins I get into some trouble.

My current main problem is in our custom mongo-db input plugin. I am using the logstash Time format in my code as follows:

require "logstash/time_addon"

But the following error appears when I run the agent:
Couldn't find any input plugin named 'mongodb'. Are you sure this is correct? Trying to load the mongodb input plugin resulted in this error: no such file to load -- logstash/time_addon

Is there a new require path for this class? Or is there a dependency I can configure before compiling the plugin gem?

Thanks for the help.

(Barak Spoj) #2

Noticed that on 1.5 version the class was changed to:
require "logstash/timestamp"

So whoever used the time_addon before like me should make the adjustments now in order for the plugins to work.

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