Logstash 5.2: init script for manual tar.gz installation?


I installed logstash 5.2 from the tar package on redhat 6.7. I did not use the installer, because an older version of the elk stack with installed services for logstash, etc. are already present at the system.

I need them to run in parallel for a while.

I searched, but did not find an initscript for logstash 5.2 yet.
I need to run it as service name logstash5. It must not interact with the currently running logstash 1.5.

How can I achieve my aim?
Thanks, Andreas

Check out this discussion

Looks like you simply use
start logstash
stop logstash
status logstash
restart logstash

  1. Edit startup.options (it will be in the config directory where you installed/uncompressed the tar.gz file)
  2. Be sure to change SERVICE_NAME to be "logstash5" Ensure all other settings are correct
  3. Run $LS_HOME/bin/system-install /path/to/startup.options sysv with sudo or as the root user, where $LS_HOME is the directory where you installed/uncompressed the tar.gz file.

This will generate a SysV init script named logstash5.

Thanks, that was the solution.

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