Logstash 5.3.2 multiple conf files

Good morning

I have setup my ELK stack (5.3.2) to gather Exchange Message Tracking logs from my Exchange Cluster with a conf file in D:\ELK\logstash-5.3.2\01-inputs.conf\exchange_msg_trk.conf and this is working well.

I have been tasked with monitoring Windows logons and have used https://www.elastic.co/blog/monitoring-windows-logons-with-winlogbeat as a guide. I have a conf file in the same location called winlogbeat_logons.conf. This is working as well...except I have to start logstash manually (using bin/logstash -f D:\ELK\logstash-5.3.2\01-inputs.conf\winlogbeat_logons.conf) for it to accept the data. I am using NSSM to manage the logstash service.

Is it possible to have the logstash service start using muliple conf files i.e. -f D:\ELK\logstash-5.3.2\01-inputs.conf\exchange_msg_trk.conf, D:\ELK\logstash-5.3.2\01-inputs.conf\winlogbeat_logons.conf?


I don't recall how Logstash behaves with multiple -f options, but the typical solution to the problem is to put all the files in a directory and point to that directory with -f (in your case -f D:\ELK\logstash-5.3.2\01-inputs.conf I suppose).

Thanks. That worked

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