Logstash 6.1 removal of mapping types

Hi Elastic Team,

With info from logstash breaking changes and elasticsearch removal of types doc, does that mean it is now recommended not to use the "type" parameter in input plugins?

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No, you can still use the type option but depending on the chosen strategy for dealing with the removal of document types you'll have to do different things with the resulting type field.

For example, if you choose to still have all documents in the same index you'll have to give them all the same type, but that type doesn't have to be the same as the type field created by the type option in input plugins. So, override the elasticsearch output's document_type option and set it to a fixed value.

If you choose to have one index series per type you can leave the document_type option alone but you'll have to update the index option to reference the type field.

Many thanks Magnus.

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