Logstash Additional fields added by ES output

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I am using logstash. input is jdbc and output is es.

Just wanted to know the fields which I see when using just stout in output are the same fields which will be index to es or es output plug in might add some other extra fields? I have to debug some issue .

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When input =jdbc hive, output =csv. Code works.

When input =jdbc hive, output =es. Code fails.

When input =jdbc oracle, output =es. Code works.

When input =csv , output =es. Code works.

So it's crazy. Not able to fix this for two days now.

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Please use text wrapped under </> than images from next time.

I suppose you are trying to connect Apache Hive to Elasticsearch.

If so, kindly use ES-Hadoop. Here is the link

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Why not improve jdbc plug in? I can bring data from Hive to file. Just that es output is not able create some autogenerated fields I guess.

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