Logstash not able to output to ES error occurred sending bulk request

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I am able to see the output in stout but when I am indexing to ES it gives this error

The thing is if I am connecting to Hive from jdbc input this error comes. I am able to index data from oracle.

An error occurred sending a bulk request to elasticsearch. We will retry indefinitely. :error_message=> no method 'setHeaders' for arguments on Java:orgapachehttpclientmethod::httppost\n available overload:\n :error_class:nameerror

However I am able to stout events from Hive no error there

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Not sure why this is happening I am able to output hive's data in many output like stout, csv, email. Everything works expect elasticsearch output. Why?

Moreover I am able to output to ES from various input sources like csv, oracle etc

@magnusbaeck Can you assist.

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For some reason I think that es output is sending some additional fields to host with some garbage values. Or some additional library is required for in jdbc input .


hope this helps you,
Make sure you are giving correct database connection details and then follow below sample example

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I am able to make connection and see data in stdout. Its just that it won't index to ES if source is hive.

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