Logstash and Kibana for App Log files recommendations

Hello All
We are planning to implement Logstash with kibana for our application logs(log4 j - weblogic..).

We have about 10 applications running in 10 instances, we would have about 100 logs files. Total size would be about 100-150GB.

What would be the recommended server configurations? Do we need to have dedicated server for Elastic search and logstash?

Any help would be appreciated


100 to 150 GB per... day? Or is that the largest amount you'll ever have to store?

That would be largest amount (100-150GB). Logs will be updated in miliseconds. We would also want to keep the latency as low as possible.

Okay. That's not much. I suspect a single Elasticsearch node is going to take you far.

Got it. Can we plan like below.

Node -1 .- 64GB RAM, 500 GB HDD with 4 CPU (Elastic Search and Logstash)
Node -2 - 24 GB RAM, 200GB HDD with 4 CPU for Kibana

Can i have kibana and Logstash in same node?


You don't need 24 GB RAM and 4 CPUs for Kibana.

Can i have kibana and Logstash in same node?

Yes, of course.

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