Logstash block

Hi all:
i was trapped in a question, my logstash instance was blocked but no error. i set the config.reload.automatic and config.reload.interval
the logstash-plain.log always says as follows:

[2018-05-02T18:36:56,037][WARN ][logstash.shutdownwatcher ] {"inflight_count"=>0, "stalling_thread_info"=>{["LogStash::Filt      ers::Ruby", {"code"=>"\n                     tsuccess = event.get('success')\n                     if tsuccess == nil\n                               event.set('success',0)\n                     end\n                     tstamp = Time.parse(event.get('      timestamp')).gmtime\n                     event.set('timestamp_utc', Time.at(tstamp))", "id"=>"6cd01b69e428988f9831413a79e2      ebd90799ce90c721d0da8841e8f5e968ab2f"}]=>[{"thread_id"=>94, "name"=>nil, "current_call"=>"[...]/logstash-core/lib/logstash/      util/wrapped_synchronous_queue.rb:90:in `read_batch'"}]}}

The recent 6.2.4 release includes a fix; the fix was also ported to the upcoming 6.3.0 release and the pre-alpha 7.x series.

thanks for your reply.

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