Logstash data


I will use a already set up elk stack to send data to elastic cloud.

I saw that the data storage of the server hsting the ELK is already full ( i know it's a smaal drive)
/ is using 99.5% of 25.23GB

Where are located the logstash data ? /var/log/logstash/ ? is it the logsatsh.stdout;*.gz files ?

if i use logstash to forward to elastic cloud, will it use also a big amount of storage or it will just forward the data to the cloud ?

That's the logs that Logstash generates about its own processing.

Are you referring to the data that LS processes into ES though?

yes the data for LS

Have a read of https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/2.3/setup-dir-layout.html