Logstash fails to start with init script (RHEL/CentOS)


When run as a user that belongs to a group with spaces in the name (a la Windows / Samba), Logstash fails to start. I have fixed this locally by amending line: 61

Before (not working due to names):
SGROUPS=$(id -Gn "$LS_USER" | tr " " "," | sed 's/,$//'; echo '')

After (Use GIDs):
SGROUPS=$(id -G "$LS_USER" | tr " " "," | sed 's/,$//'; echo '')

I was unable to find this in your repos otherwise I would've opened a PR...



Can you raise a GH issue against the core repo please? Then we can either point to the script or arrange a fit :slight_smile:

The script is gone because in 5.0 the scripts are automatically generated by pleaserun, which ships with Logstash.

If you look in the 2.x branch, rather than master, you should find the script there.


Thanks Aaron. I'll take a look at the 2.x branch :smiley: