Logstash installation on windows

steps to install logstash in windows.


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Hi Mark Walcom,

Thanks for the reply.

I guess the above link for logstash installation is specific to Linux and Redhat.
Orelse what does the APT and YUM specifies and how to download and install the Public Signing Key.

If you go to the downloads page you will see a zip, that is the Windows version.

How to download and install the Public Signing Key.

You don't need to.

I have already downloaded the logstash zip file. How to install this in elastic search

They are stand alone apps.

My requirement is to filter the elastic search index based on datetime and to keep the backup of these filter using the logstash. So how I can attain this.

Could you please tell me the steps to install logstash with the downloaded logstash zip file

You just unzip it, there is no install process for Windows other than that.