Logstash jdk vulnerability

We are currently running logstash 7.16.3 but are getting flagged for the version of JDK 11.0.13 that it is using and are being told we need to upgrade the JDK version to something higher that 11.0.13. How do one upgrade the logstash JDK version since it ships with logstash. We are running elastic 7.16.3 and could look at upgrading to logstash 7.17.x to see if that address the issue.

Hi @eh2021-elastic,

It might be worth upgrading to 7.17.x if you can to ensure you're on a supported version.

Checking the JVM product compatibility matrix for Logstash it looks to be that 7.17.x is compatible with 11 and 15 versions. Hopefully upgrading to 7.7.x will resolve the issue, but otherwise I would recommend having a look at configuring LS_JAVA_HOME.

Hope that helps!

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